Travelling Kimono Round 2


Hi everyone!

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately. Life has just been so busy and active and I’ve had a large number of non-kimono projects I’ve been working on (if you are interested, you can check out my Naomi Hormozi Designs page on Facebook for a glimpse of some of them). However, the Travelling Kimono arrived and it was time to bust out all my kimono gear again!

If you’re not familiar [...]

No Ohashori? No Worries!


I often have people asking me my opinion in regards to wearing kimono without ohashori. It’s also a question often asked on my forums – with this particular thread being the main one:

My opinion is – I prefer to wear a kimono I can get an ohashori out of – it’s just a lot less stress when dressing and also helps the kimono sit nicer. And, being 165cm tall – not awfully [...]

Kitsuke, Round 2!


After my first rather painful attempt at kitsuke, I went for Round 2.

This time, I dressed much slower, paying closer attention to the instructions.

It paid off, and here are the results of Kitsuke Round 2:

There are obviously a lot of mistakes, as you’ll see in the following photographs, but the basic comprehension of dressing is there!