Kitsuke of Yesteryear #3


This is a lovely mother and daughter photograph I have in my collection. While I was drawn to it for a number of reasons, the fact all three of them were wearing plaid kimono really captivated my attention.

In the West, we might call this particular pattern (or variations of it) plaid, tartan, tattersall or madras. It may also fall within some variation of gingham. In Japan however, it is called kōshi (格子), which [...]

Kitsuke of Yesteryear #2


The previous Kitsuke of Yesteryear post showed early Showa kitsuke. Today, I thought it would be interesting to view Meiji era kitsuke, at least, from the back!

From the wonderful OkinawaSoba‘s collection.


I find this photograph interesting in a number of different ways – the various hairstyles (which Okinawa Soba and his readers discuss), the more relaxed kitsuke, the black covers on the collars and the stripes – however, what caught my eye is [...]

Kitsuke of Yesteryear #1

5063527266_d70147fdb2_z (1)

While I have an appreciation for kimono fashion in general my love lies with pre-WWII, with a focus on The Greater Taisho Period, a time spanning 1910 to 1930. I find this particular period saw massive inovation with not only design and colour, but with kitsuke itself.

I collect postcards and photographs from this period of time along with other pre-WWII images that may catch my attention, as I love viewing the different ensembles worn [...]