2012 Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival – Sunday Morning


A few weeks ago we went to Fillmore Street in San Francisco to have brunch with Arian’s friend. Afterwards, we walked around window shopping when we unexpectedly stumbled across a tiny Japanese antique store. I could see through the doorway a rack of kimono along the back door and of course, immediately became excited! Ever since Genji Antiques closed, while there are a few places around, (including my favourite, Shiraku in Japan Town), I have [...]

2012 Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival – Saturday Evening


Saturday evening, Arian and I had an extremely rare “date night”! With both our families either in other states or in my case, Australia, we don’t very often have toddler free time. Arian’s good friend, Katie, came by the hotel room to spend the evening with Lily so we could go out to enjoy the evening and to have dinner.

I had undressed from my morning ensemble for Lily’s nap time, so for the evening, [...]

2012 Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival – Saturday Morning


It was Cherry Blossom Festival time again in Japan Town, San Francisco. Unlike last year where the trees were in full bloom, this year they had only just started blooming. The weather has been extremely erratic around here swinging from being unseasonally warm and wet, back to bitterly Winter cold. My guess is it delayed blooming. However, despite the late bloom – there were still enough sakura to get everyone excited!

As with last year, [...]

2011 Northern California San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival – Sunday


Sunday was the last day for us in the city. I had spent all week tossing and turning over what to wear. I really wanted to wear my strange komon / iro tomesode hybrid kimono with feathers and my parrot obi together, but I was at a bit of a loss with accessories. I was originally just going to do classic red, then I thought about lavender.

But then, inspiration hit me — my diaper [...]

2011 Northern California San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival – Saturday Afternoon


After Lily’s nap on Saturday afternoon, I decided to dress in kimono again. Knowing we were going to head out to dinner, I decided to wear a wool ensemble. Baby + food = mess. Wool, at least, is washable in my washing machine!

I figured I’d bust out my ship obi for this ensemble, along with my pink faux shibori haneri as I had been wanting to wear both for a while now. I’m quite [...]

2011 Northern California San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival – Saturday Morning


This year, the Cherry Blossom Festival was so much fun! Last year it was difficult as Lily was at an awkward newborn age (10 weeks) and I couldn’t wear kimono long at all due to being a new nursing momma. This year, however, different story!

I ended up wearing three different ensembles over Saturday and Sunday. I’m going to do three different posts as there’s a lot of photos.

Quite a few months ago, I [...]

Lily’s San Francisco Cherry Blossom Debut!


Lily made her first public kimono debut!

Lily’s kimono is from Ichiroya. It was a kimono for a 3 year old and in order to make it fit Miss Lily, who is only just over 2 months old, I had to sew up the excess length, put in shoulder tucks and also reduce the width of the sleeves to make the wingspan fit her. I then made a matching bonnet and bib to finish [...]

San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival 2009


My husband and I went to San Francisco’s Cherry Blossom Festival this past weekend and had tons of fun! It gave me the oportunity to wear my two “new” kimono: my Taisho komon furisode hikizuri, and my crazy Taisho “shishi inside yabane” komon!

This was the first time I’ve ever worn furisode…or done furisode kitsuke on myself. Thankfully it wasn’t too shabby. While this furisode is hikizuri – there was no way I was going [...]

2008 Cherry Blossom Festival – Taisho!


Last year I went nice and subdued for Cherry Blossom Festival.

Well, this year I didn’t! I decided to re-vamp my Taisho ensemble with some new pieces. Namely the gorgeous tsuzumi obi, red accessories and zori. My batteries were unknowingly flat in my camera, so I’ve had to rely on other people’s photos: It was very windy and cold outside!

This was taken after having been dressed in kimono for 14 hours straight! (I [...]

San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival 2007


I was in San Francisco Japantown the entire weekend helping out Taiko Dojo for Cherry Blossom Festival. Saturday, dressing in kimono was simply NOT going the way I wanted it – so I tossed off my outfit in a tantrum and just put black pants and my taiko dojo shirt on. Good thing I did though, as I must have subconsciously realized it was going to POUR down raining for most of the morning.

Sunday [...]