20th Kimono Day – San Francisco Japantown


The 20th Kimono Day was held on the 11th of March, the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquakes and tsunami that rocked Japan, taking so many lives, destroying towns and leaving many more people left with nothing trying to rebuild their lives. I remember all too clearly being glued in front of the television watching in utter shock, worried about all my friends in Japan, and crying at the loss. Many of us rallied [...]

19th Kimono Day – San Francisco Japantown


At long last, we were finally able to attend another kimono day! San Francisco Japantown’s Kimono Days started shortly before I fell pregnant with Lily and we attended a few. But then with life, work, breastfeeding, etc – we had difficulty attending any more until now. This time, in addition to Arian, Lily and myself, I had the pleasure of re-introducing kimono to my friend, Rebecca.

I’ve only recently had the pleasure of Rebecca’s friendship, [...]