Anatomy of a Vintage Tsuke Obi


A week ago I won a rather interesting kimono lot off eBay. In addition to the kasane set, haori and misc komono was an obi. I couldn’t see the photos very clearly in the auctions – but it looked interesting. The auction photos: photo one & photo two

I received the lot last Thursday, and wow! Everything was gorgeous – the photos did absolutely no justice. However, this post today is about just the obi.


Organizing My Tansu


I posted a little while ago about how I purchased a tansu.

The tansu arrived about a week before my birthday, however I had been both sick and busy with work over the last couple of weeks that I hadn’t had a chance to actually store my kimono gear in it properly until today. I promised a few people I’d take photos of it in action – so here we go!



Taishō Era Tansu a.k.a. My Birthday Present to Myself!


Ever since I started taking kitsuke seriously, I’ve had a secret desire to own a proper kimono tansu. My dream has finally (almost) come true!

After discussing with Arian about whether:

a) Can we fit a tansu in our studio apartment; and

b) Can I actually afford an antique tansu?

We came to the conclusion of “YES!”. So, I started my tansu shopping.

I looked at quite a few in person, but none of them [...]